73: The Ballad of Liu Lang



Discover each of the lore objects in Pandaria that tell the tale of Liu Lang.

  • A Most Famous Bill of Sale – Valley of the Four Winds – 55,47
  • The Birthplace of Liu Lang – Valley of the Four Winds – 20,55
  • Waiting for the Turtle – Krasarang Wilds – 72,30
  • Wondering Widow – Valley of the Four Winds – 34,63



72: Fairgoer’s Feast

Consume one of every Darkmoon food and drink. Remember if you have trouble finding these NPCs you can turn on locate food and drink on your mini map. Also to compete this achievement you have be level 85.

Sylannia has the drinks
- Bottled Winterspring Water (Level 35) {20s}
- Darkmoon Special Reserve {50c}
- Fizzy Faire Drink “Classic” (Level 60) {56s}
- Iced Berry Slush (Level 45) {40s}
- Cheap Beer {10c}
- Fizzy Faire Drink (Level 15) {5s}
- Fresh-Squeezed Limeade (Level 70) {85s}
- Sasparilla Sinker (Level 85) {1g 37s 50c}

Stamp Thunderhorn has the foods
- Corn-Breaded Sausage (Level 75) {1g 60s}
- Darkmoon Dog {25c}
- Forest Strider Drumstick (Level 65) {80s}
- Pickeled Kodo Foot (Level 15) {5s}
- Salty Sea Dog (Level 85) {2g}
- Crunchy Frog (Level 35) {20s}
- Deep Fried Candy Bar (Level 45) {40s}
- Funnel Cake (Level 55) {56s}
- Red Hot Wings (Level 25) {10s}
- Spiced Beef Jerkey (Level 5) {1s 25c}



Slashgrats Podcast: Eye Of The Tiger

Defeat all final bosses – Cloudbender Kobo, Maki Waterblade, and Satay Byu – in the Arena of Annihilation scenario.


This one is kinda grindy. You’ll have to keep running this scenario until you get it.


Slashgrats Podcast: Spell No Evil



Complete Stage 2 of Unga Ingoo without any brew being stolen from the cauldron.



Slashgrats Podcast: Monkey In The Middle

Defeat Captain Ook without him getting an orange.

This takes place at the very end of the Unga Ingoo Scenario.

Work together and keep the orange away from the boss.



Slashgrats Podcast: The Perfect Pour


Brew the Boomer Brew without anyone in your party being hit by lightning during A Brewing Storm.

Dodge the lighting, keep out of the blue!


Slashgrats Podcast: Party of Six

Finish A Brewing Storm with all six Thunderpaw Guardians still alive.

This achievement is part of the meta achievement Pub Crawl



Slashgrats Podcast: D.E.H.T.A’s Little P.I.T.A.


The D.E.H.T.A. Encampment is a D.E.H.T.A. camp located in central Borean Tundra,[57, 44] just southeast of Lake Kum’uya. In the middle of the encampment is a bonfire dwarf, which symbolizes their hate for Hemet Nesingwary.


Uphold D.E.H.T.A’s beliefs by completing all of the quests up to and including the Assassination of Harold Lane.

Required level is 72

If you kill an animal and you turn Red don’t go back to D.E.H.T.A. until you wash you self off in some water.

You will be earning some rep for the Cenarion Expedition


Slashgrats Podcast: Hekima’s Heal-Halter & Heed the Weed

Blood in the Snow

Easy 20 point gain this week.

Don’t let Hekima cast Hekima’s Wisdom in the Blood in the Snow scenario.

Use every basket of Shimmerweed in a single Blood in the Snow scenario run.

The baskets are roughly around these locations (use tomtom for way points)

/way 47 58 on the ground by fire pit
/way 46 80 in the hut
/way 30 67 behind tombstones
/way 42 27 on the ground at entrance of camp
/way 44 48 in the hut




Slashgrats Podcast: How Did He Get Up There?

Find a way to get the Hozen Clinger to let go in Stormstout Brewery on any difficulty. 



Remember you don’t need to engage the rabbit boss.