Slashgrats 81: Hate Leads To Suffering

Defeat Taran Zhu while every party member is at maximum hatred in Shado-Pan Monastery on Heroic Difficulty.














A full hatebar leads to the debuff: Haze of Hate with +20% physical damage, -25% healing done and -90% hit loss

Remember to communicate with your group. EVERYBODY in the group needs to have maximum hatred to get this achievement. Pets are not affected by the -90% hit loss so use them wisely.


Slashgrats 80: Conscriptinator

Gain three stacks of Resin Residue by defeating Mantid Conscripts in Gate of the Setting Sun on Heroic Difficulty

screen shot:

Before the last boss Boss, go right instead of jumping down you’ll see 3 big Mantid Conscripts fighting NPCs.

Kill those 3 Mantids and stay near them

They die. They explode and give all targets within the explosion a debuff called Resin Residue it has a 90 second duration.

Do one at a time.



79: King of the Fire Festival


Complete the quest, “A Thief’s Reward”, by stealing the flames from your enemy’s capital cities.

Stormwind – Outside Stormwind Stockades – 50, 72
Ironforge – Hall of Explorers – 64, 24
Darnassus – Between Warrior’s Terrace and Tradesman’s Terrace – 63, 47
The Exodar – The Crystal Hall – 41, 25 -This is a no fly zone

Orgrimmar – On the upper level of Valley of Wisdom- 46, 38
Thunder Bluff – On the Spirit Rise – 21, 27
Undercity – In the courtyard before entering the city – 68, 7
Silvermoon City – Court of the Sun – 68, 41 -This is a no fly zone



78: Ling-Tings Herbal Journey

The Golden Hopling

Collect all 30 Golden Hoplings hidden around the Stormstout Brewery on any difficulty

Grab some of Ling-Ting’s Favorite Tea, which can be purchased from Auntie Stormstout at the entrance of the dungeon. The tea is needed to see the hoplings and is only good for 5 minutes so get a few.

Press Shift+V to enable friendly name plates, this will make it easier to find the little guys.

Here are the general areas where you’ll find them. The last one is under the last boss after he is killed.

Trickling Passage 3
Grain Cellar 6
Mama’s Pantry 3
Stormstout Brewhall (Boss Area) 5
Stormstout Brewery 1
Stormstout Brewhall 2
Stormstout Brewery (Boss Area) 2
The Great Wheel 3
Stormstout Brewery 1
The Tasting Room (Boss Area) 4



77: Empowered Spiritualist

Defeat Thalnos the Soulrender while three Empowered Zombies are alive.

Thalnos the Soulrender

Hold off damage to the boss while the spirits raise the dead.



76: Grizzled Veteran

Complete the Grizzly Hills PvP daily quests listed below


Blackriver Skirmish
Pieces Parts
Life or Death
Shredder Repair
Kick ‘Em While They’re Down
Keep Them at Bay!
Down With Captain Zorna!
Smoke ‘Em Out
Riding the Red Rocket


Blackriver Brawl
Shred the Alliance
Making Repairs
Keep ‘Em on their Heels
Riding the Red Rocket
Crush Captain Brightwater!
Keep Them at Bay
Smoke ‘Em Out


75: Tranquil Master

Purge Pandaria of Sha corruption, defeating each know manifestation of negative emotion.

Sha of Doubt is the last boss of the dungeon Temple of the Jade Serpent. You must kill him on Heroic difficulty.

Sha of Violence is the third boss of the dungeon Shado-Pan Monastery. You must kill him on Heroic difficulty.

Sha of Anger is a rare world boss found in Kun-Lai Summit.

Sha of Despair is a NPC you have to kill when on the quest  In the House of the Red Crane in Krasarang Wilds.

Sha of Hatred is a NPC you have to kill when on the quest  The Sha of Hatred in a cave in Townlong Steppes.

Sha of Fear is the last boss of the raid Terrace of Endless Spring. You can kill him on normal or Heroic difficulty to get credit.


74: The Fire-Watcher

Obtain 2000 Bloody Coins as an Emissary of Ordos or Ordon Fire-Watcher. 

Once finished with this achievement not only will you gain 10 point but also the title “Fire-Watcher”

Speaker Gulan Located at 75.0, 44.8 on the Timeless Isle

Actually you’ll gain more than just 10 points here because this is in the last of a series, so you’ll really get 50 and the title.

Either way first things first go grab the Censer of Eternal Agony. When you buy if for 1000 timeless coins you’ll see all the other cool things you can get for bloody coins.

you can follow the much like guide over at wow head here.

Good luck!




73: The Ballad of Liu Lang



Discover each of the lore objects in Pandaria that tell the tale of Liu Lang.

  • A Most Famous Bill of Sale – Valley of the Four Winds – 55,47
  • The Birthplace of Liu Lang – Valley of the Four Winds – 20,55
  • Waiting for the Turtle – Krasarang Wilds – 72,30
  • Wondering Widow – Valley of the Four Winds – 34,63



72: Fairgoer’s Feast

Consume one of every Darkmoon food and drink. Remember if you have trouble finding these NPCs you can turn on locate food and drink on your mini map. Also to compete this achievement you have be level 85.

Sylannia has the drinks
- Bottled Winterspring Water (Level 35) {20s}
- Darkmoon Special Reserve {50c}
- Fizzy Faire Drink “Classic” (Level 60) {56s}
- Iced Berry Slush (Level 45) {40s}
- Cheap Beer {10c}
- Fizzy Faire Drink (Level 15) {5s}
- Fresh-Squeezed Limeade (Level 70) {85s}
- Sasparilla Sinker (Level 85) {1g 37s 50c}

Stamp Thunderhorn has the foods
- Corn-Breaded Sausage (Level 75) {1g 60s}
- Darkmoon Dog {25c}
- Forest Strider Drumstick (Level 65) {80s}
- Pickeled Kodo Foot (Level 15) {5s}
- Salty Sea Dog (Level 85) {2g}
- Crunchy Frog (Level 35) {20s}
- Deep Fried Candy Bar (Level 45) {40s}
- Funnel Cake (Level 55) {56s}
- Red Hot Wings (Level 25) {10s}
- Spiced Beef Jerkey (Level 5) {1s 25c}